Sponsorship and Exhibition


The IAU386 symposium on ‘Dark Sky and Astro-tourism’ one of the largest international symposia that will take place in Africa for second time. The dark sky and astronomical sites along with tourist attraction places are regarded as engines for long-term economic development, contributing to the tourism industry’s GDP as well as social and economic development. The IAU386 symposium thus focuses on magnifying the role of the dark sky and astronomical heritage in boosting Astro-tourism and contributing to social and sustainable economic development. In the symposium, around 200-250 participants are expected to attend the conference worldwide. The targeted audiences who attend the pre-symposium training and the symposium are scientific communities working on astronomy and Space Science on the dark sky and its conservation, Astro-tourism, stakeholders working in the Astro-tourism and Tourism industry (Tour guides, culture & tourism office workers, Tour business owners), decision and policy makers.


Our sponsors play a critical role in the success of the symposium to achieve its objectives and contribute in accelerating the tourism industry by taking dark sky and Astro-tourism as component of tourism package as economic diversification and generate additional income to the tourism market.

As such, we are proud to provide a venue to showcase your expertise and services to a captive audience of dedicated Scientific professionals and stakeholders at one place.

Becoming a sponsor of IAU386 enables you to play a prominent, highly visible role in educating and inspiring customers and prospects. Networking, both throughout the event in business, social and private setting.

We will help facilitate this by providing

  1. more than 200 participants available at symposium over 5 days to know about your product and services
  2. avail prominent brand awareness to your target audience—before, during and after the event
  3. provide dedicated space to showcase your products and services 

For further details and communications, you can contact you can contact symposium chair Alemiye Mamo via alemiyem@essti.gov.et/ malemiye@gmail.com ; or the symposium Co-chairs   Dr.Seblu Humne  seblu1557@gmail.com and Dr.Mirjana Povic  mpovic@iaa.es

Sponsorship Packages

There are four sponsorship categories for this year’s IAU symposium(IAU386): Diamond, Platinium, Gold and Silver. Our sponsorship packages are as follows

  1. On events packages

★    Diamond Sponsors

  • Admission

• 5 Complimentary admissions for sponsor company staff

+ Free admission for up to 3 guests

  • Speaking and Networking

• 15-minute speaking opportunity in general/panel session on welcoming and Closing ceremony

  •  Featured in moderated panel (within solution track of choice) on sleeted days.
  •  Dinner / lunch breakout invitation with selected customers/ Prospects and IAU executives

★   Platinum Sponsors

  • Admission

• 3 Complimentary admissions for sponsor staff

+ Free admission for up to 2 guests

  •  Speaking and Networking
  • Featured in moderated panel (within solution track of

choice) on selected day

★   Gold Sponsors

  • Admission

• 2 Complimentary admissions for sponsor staff

   Free admission for one guest

★   Silver Sponsors

  • Admission

1 Complimentary admission for sponsor staff

  1. Branding and Recognition Packages

These can apply for all sponsors in any of the categories.

• Recognition at welcome reception and networking event

• Exhibitor Space (including custom branded counter)

• Partner spotlight in email campaigns

• Partner spotlight in social media content

• Recognition on event website and mobile app

• Logo printed on conference materials and displays

• Promotional item or document insert in registration bag

  1. Booth Packages

Based on the availability of  booths in science museum

  • Diamond sponsor:  3 booths 
  • Platinum sponsor: 2 booths
  • Gold and Silver sponsors: 1 booths