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Ethiopia – The Land of Fiction

More than a typical African country, Ethiopia is known for its long historical culture, magnificent nature, and diverse wild world. It warmly welcomes thousands of visitors every year. This country is also one of the cradles of humanity. It owns more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the area, with eight cultural heritages and one nature heritage. The journey of discovering Ethiopian life brings you to colorful festivals and religious events, traditional towns with ancient customs, and the long history of Africa. Ethiopian cuisine is especially distinctive and delicious, standing out from the rest of African countries. Top-attractive destinations are listed below; for more information, visit the Ethiopian travel website.

Church of Saint George

Lalibela Being one of the eleven rock-hewn church complexes to be built in Lalibela , the Church of Saint George is visited not only by its uniqueness but also so by it’s special religious and cultural meaning.

Danakil Depression

Famous for its strange landscape like in a fictional movie, Danakil Depression is exploited for tourism in recent years and attracts explore lovers to sightseeing, especially photographers. This trip promises to give you a feeling like you are lost on another planet.

Simien Mountains

Once again, nature mother favourly gives Ethiopia a spectacular landscape, the Simien Mountains. Jagged mountain peaks come between deep valleys standing out the background being sketched by traditional agriculture life.

Lower Omo Valley

Visit Omo Valley brings you a trip back in time, blending into the life of prehistoric humans. This place has fundamental importance in the study of human evolution, being one of the most significant heritage for mankind.