List of Accepted Abstracts

List of Accepted Abstracts and Posters
Participant NameAbstract TypeAuthor/ Authors NameAbstract TitleAffiliation Organization NameCountry
Kushatha NtwaetsilePaperKushatha Ntwaetsile and Onkabetse SengateSocio-Economic Development through Astro-Tourism in BotswanaBotswana International University of Science and TechnologyBotswana
 S. Nawar, ShaPaper Mohamed F. Aboushelib, A.B. Morcos, S. Nawar, Shalabiea, O. M. and Awad, Z.Night sky brightness and light pollution at Kottamia Astronomical ObservatoryNational Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEgypt
 Mohamed F. AboushelibPaper Mohamed F. Aboushelib, A.B. Morcos, Shalabiea, S. Nawar, O. M. and Awad, Z. Zenith sky brightness, stellar and planets visibility during lunar eclipses at Kottamia ObservatoryNational Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEgypt
Yosry AzzamPaperYosry AzzamKottamia Astronomical Observatory: A case study of a working observatory threatened by urban extension and light pollutionYosry AzzamEgypt
 N. ShukurePaper N. Shukure, M. Geleta, D. Solomon, G. Degaga, E. FayyumaCultural Astronomy: Exploring the Astronomical objects applied by the Gedeo SocietyDilla UniversityEthiopia
 Etsegnet GetachewPaper Etsegnet Getachew, Dr Solomon Belay  Space Science and Geospatial Institute,Ethiopia
Shambel SahluPaperSSGI CollaborationsSearching Potential Astronomical Sites in Ethiopia SSGI/NWUEthiopia/SA
Alemiye MamoPaperAlemiye MamoDark sky and potential of Astro-tourism in EthiopiaSpace Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI)Ethiopia
Nebiyu Suleyman MohammedPaperNebiyu Suleyman MohammedProtecting Entoto Observatory from Addis Ababa’s Streetlight pollutionNational Astronomy Education Coordinator for EthiopiaEthiopia
Tolu BiressaPaperTolu BiressaCosmologic of the Ayyaana observation in Borena calendarJimma UniversityEthiopia
Mirjana PovicInvited TalkMirjana PovicAstronomy in Africa for Attaining the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSpace Science and Geospatial
Institute,  Instituto de Astrof�sica de Andaluc�a, Spanish
National Research Council
Geoffrey Ong’aloPosterGeoffrey Ong’alo Astrotourism: Illuminating Education and Empowering Communities in Seme, Kisumu, KenyaTechnical University of KenyaKenya
 Egbuim TimothyPaper Egbuim Timothy C., Okere Bonaventure I. and Onyeuwaoma Nnaemeka D.Citizen Science Approach to Dark Sky Protection and Astro-Tourism Development across NigeriaCentre for Basic Space Science and Astronomy (National Space Research and Development Agency)Nigeria
 Ajuh; Rita,O.Paper Ajuh; Rita,O.; Bonaventure; I,Okere.; Egbuim; Timothy, C.The Bio-Environmental and Health Impact of Artificial Light: The Struggle to Conserve the Dark Sky NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science and Astronomy, Nsukka, Enugu, NigeriaNigeria
 Njoku-AchuPaper Njoku-Achu, N.O; Onyinyechi,W.N; Okany,C.F; Egbuim, T.C; Okagu, P; Onyeuwaoma, N.D; Ofodum, C.N and Okere, B.I DARK SKY AND ASTRO-TOURISM HERITAGE: AN APPROACH TOWARDS PROMOTING ASTRONOMY EDUCATION AND OUTREACH IN ENUGU, NIGERIA Centre for Basic Space Science, Nsukka, National Space Research and Development Agency,Nigeria
Daniel CunnamaPaperDaniel CunnamaCelebrating Africa’s Unique Cultural Heritage through the Production of Local Fulldome ContentSouth African Astronomical ObservatorySouth Africa
Daniel CunnamaPaperDaniel Cunnama Showcasing Science, Technology, and Culture at SAAOSouth African Astronomical ObservatorySouth Africa
Samyukta ManikumarPaperSamyukta ManikumarHarnessing Dark Skies for Socioeconomic Development in Rural AreasInternational Astronomical Union – Office of Astronomy for DevelopmentSouth Africa
Mthokozisi MdlalosePaperMthokozisi MdlaloseAstrotherapy as an alternative healing strategy against mental health illness.University of KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa
Duduzile KubhekaPaper/Invited TalkDuduzile KubhekaReimagining the Night: The #AfricaLookUp Campaign’s Journey Towards Dark Sky Awareness and ProtectionAfrican Astronomical Society Sceretariat and IAU-GA 2024 NOCSouth Africa
Ms Audrey Dikgale-Mahlakoana & Dr Laeticia JakobsInvited TalkMs Audrey Dikgale-Mahlakoana & Dr Laeticia JakobsThe Development of Astro-Tourism in South AfricaDepartment of Science & InnovationSouth Africa
 Nadeem OozeerPaper Nadeem Oozeer, Isaac Sihlangu, Bruce BassettThe Karoo Array Telescope Historical Probability Radio Frequency Interference (KATHPRFI) framework.South African Radio Astronomy ObservatorySouth Africa
James O. ChibuezePaper Radio astronomy educational and outreach development in the African contextUniversity of South AfricaSouth Africa
Sisco Auala and Michael BackesPaperSisco Auala and Michael BackesDARK-SKY TOURISM: A CATALYST FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES IN NAMIBIANamibia University of science and technology and University of NamibiaNamibia
M. Backes et al.PaperM. Backes et al.Night sky brightness measurements towards the Namiian multi-wavelength observatoryUniversity of NamibiaNamibia
Elyajouri MeriemPosterElyajouri MeriemTitritland: Pioneering Astro-Tourism in MoroccoTitritlandMorocco
Meriem ElyajouriPaperMeriem Elyajouri and NOC Morocco team National Outreach Coordinator (NOC) MoroccoMorocco
Hamza Ait AbdelaaliPaperHamza Ait Abdelaali Zouhair Benkhaldoun Martin AubeThe First results of measuring NSB with the CoSQM at Oukaimeden Observatory Cadi Ayyad University , LPHEAMorocco
Sqalli NasserPosterSqalli NasserTitle: Dark and Quiet Sky for Astro-Tourism: a field-level experience.Atlas Dark Sky FoundationMorocco
Seba SichonePosterSeba SichoneFishermen’s Perception on Astronomical Phenomena in TangaThe Open University of TanzaniaTanzania
Noorali JiwajiPaperNoorali Jiwaji and Said AllyEnabling Astrotourism Establishment in TanzaniaOpen University of TanzaniaTanzania
Ladislaus BatinoluhoPaperLadislaus Batinoluho Assessment of the Success, Lessons Learnt, and Prospects for the Astrotourism Sector in TanzaniaThe Open University of TanzaniaTanzania
Bosco OruruPaperBosco OruruThe First Track of Cultural Astronomy in Uganda – Perspectives of Major Ethnic GroupsMakerere UniversityUganda
Proven-Adzri EmmanuelPaperProven-Adzri EmmanuelExploring dark skies in the outback of Ghana through astrotourism.Ghana Space Science and Technology InstituteGhana
Andreas HänelPaper/Invited TalkAndreas HänelDark Sky Places as best practice for reducing light pollution and foster astro tourismWorking Group Dark Sky GermanyGermany
Andreas HänelPaperAndreas HänelTotal Solar Eclipses – large astro tourism events Germany
Andreas HänelPaperAndreas HänelPlanetariums – demonstrators for dark sky and its conservation for a large audience Germany
Encieh ErfaniPaperEncieh ErfaniAstronomical heritage in IranICTPItaly
 Federico Di Giacomo, Mauro Gargano, Antonella Gasperini, Valeria ZaniniPaper Federico Di Giacomo, Mauro Gargano, Antonella Gasperini, Valeria Zanini“Look up!” A virtual exhibition about the historical astronomical atlasesINAF – National Institute of AstrophysicsItaly
Pedro Miguel Rodrigues dos Santos RussoPaperPedro Miguel Rodrigues dos Santos RussoAstro Tourism: some contributions for a global strategyLeiden Observatory / Leiden UniversityNetherlands
 Karolina DziaduraPoster Karolina Dziadura1,2, Michał Pawłowski1,2, Justyna Olszewska1,2, Paweł Jaskuła2Significance of Dark Skies for Local Communities around Drawa National Park in Poland (1) Astronomical Observatory Institute, Faculty of Physics, A. Mickiewicz University, ul. Słoneczna 36, 60-286 Poznań, Poland, and (2) Good Night Collective, Poznań, PolandPoland
 Justyna OlszewskaPoster Justyna Olszewska, Paweł Jaskuła, Michał Pawłowski, Karolina DziaduraAnalysis of the Background Signal of Two Observatories in Poland Astronomical Observatory Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań & Good Night CollectivePoland
 Miguel Serra RicartPaper Miguel Serra Ricart, Miguel A. Alarcón and Javier Parra RodríguezNeXT: A New Wireless Autonomous Mobile Night Sky Brightness PhotometerIACEspaña
 Nicolas LodieuPaper Nicolas Lodieu, Jeff Kuhn, Rafael Rebolo Creating important partnerships around low-cost, disruptive, ultra-large telescope technologiesInstituto de Astrrofisica de CanariasSpain
EDERLINDA VIÑUALES GAVÍNPaperEDERLINDA VIÑUALES GAVÍNThe EAAE: Promoting the training teachers in Astronomy since 1995Universidad de Zaragoza y EAAE. AstronomíaSPAIN
ROSA MARÍA ROS FERRÉPaperROSA MARÍA ROS FERRÉNASE. Teaching and spreading Astronomy to African professorsNASESPAIN
 Krushevska ViktoriiaPoster Krushevska Viktoriia1, Kuznyetsova Yuliana, Verlyuk Irina, Kryachko Ivan, Veles Oleksandr, Lashko Mykhaylo Astro-Park project “Space Walks with the Main Astronomical Observatory”Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of UkraineUkraine
 Kuznyetsova YulianaPoster Kuznyetsova Yuliana, Krushevska Viktoriia, Verlyuk IrinaAstroeducation in Ukraine. Children’s astrocamps for schoolchildren in the conditions of the dark sky park.Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of UkraineUkraine
 Verlyuk IrinaPoster Verlyuk Irina, Krushevska Viktoriia, Kuznyetsova Yuliana, Kryachko Ivan, Lashko Mykhaylo, Veles Oleksandr Project of the Dark Sky Park “Treasures of the Ilyinets Crater”Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of UkraineUkraine
 Areg MickaelianPaper/Invited Talk Areg Mickaelian, Sona FarmanyanArmenia’s activities on developing the scientific (Astro) tourism in the regionByurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)Armenia
Shweta KulkarniPaper/Invited TalkShweta KulkarniAstroTribe for DarkSkies & AstroTourismAstronEraIndia
Priya ShahPaperPriya ShahThe Impact of Satellites on Observational Astronomy Maulana Azad National Urdu University, HyderabadIndia
Priya ShahPaperPriya ShahThe Impact of Satellites on Observational Astronomy Maulana Azad National Urdu University, HyderabadIndia
Megha RajoriaPaperMegha RajoriaJantar Mantar Observatories: Astronomical Heritage of IndiaRAD@home IndiaIndia
Dorje AngchukInvited TalkDorje AngchukLighting up the Himalayas with starsIndian Institute of AstrophysicsIndia
 Chatief KunjayaPaper Chatief Kunjaya, Edi Riawan, Zadrach L. DupeSolar Eclipse 20 April 2023 as an opportunity to attract people in Sabu Island to Astro-tourismInstitut Teknologi BandungIndonesia
Sari Sri SukmawatiPosterSari Sri Sukmawati and Yudhiakto PramudyaAstronomy Outreach in NFBS High School to Enhance Students Engagement on the Topic of 2022 NameExoWorlds CompetitionNFBS high schoolIndonesia
Mohammad Saleh TimarPaperMohammad Saleh TimarIn Search of DarknessNojum MagazineIran
Hossein Khezri-MaryamPaperHossein Khezri-Maryam Papari-Parham EisvandiSolar calendar and circular astronomical cities in ancient IranScientific expert of Mehr ObservatoryIran
Parham Eisvandi DehnoeiPaperParham Eisvandi DehnoeiThe importance of identifying dark sky places and its role on the environmentScientific expert of Mehr ObservatoryIran
Maryam PapariPaperMaryam Papari/ Hossein Khezri & Parham Eisvandi DehnoeiHow can teaching astronomy to teachers and students help protect the dark sky?Director of Mehr ObservatoryIran
 Mahdi RokniPaper Mahdi Rokni, Tomita Akihiko, Saba IzadiStudents’ International Network for Astronomy and its projects for sustainableStudents’ International Network for Astronomy (SINA)Iran
 Mahdi RokniPoster Mahdi Rokni, Akihiko Tomita, Saba IzadiAstro-Tourism development using the astronomical activities by studntsStudents’ International Network for Astronomy (SINA)Iran
Saba IzadiPosterSaba IzadiA platform for Dark sky and Photography; A SINA’s projectStudents’ Internayional Network for Astronomy (SINA)Iran
 Koki SawadaPaper Koki Sawada, Koshin Yoshimura, Tatsuki Yonezawa, Masami OkyudoEmpirical study for measuring Japanese astro-tourists’ visual perception of night sky qualities with a Sky Quality MeterWakayama UniverisityJapan
Hidehiko AgataPaperHidehiko AgataThe Current Status and Potential of Astro-tourismNational Astronomical Observatory of JapanJapan
Chinzorig BayarkhuuPosterChinzorig Bayarkhuu“Astro-Ecology in Gobi desert” tour in Mongolia Physics Department, National University of MongoliaMongolia
 Angel BashyalPaper Angel Bashyal, Nishan LamichhaneAstro-tourism for sustainability in local regions of NepalPokhara Astronomical Society (PAS)Nepal
Rayan KhanPaper/Invited TalkRayan KhanKalasha Indigenous Astronomy: Suri Jagek and its Cultural SignificanceCosmic TribePakistan
 Rogel Mari Sese, Rodion HerreraPoster Rogel Mari Sese, Rodion HerreraAstronomy in Creation Mythologies of Philippine Ethnic GroupsAteneo de Davao UniversityPhilippines
 Rogel Mari Sese, Rodion HerreraPaper Rogel Mari Sese, Rodion HerreraTraditional Astronomy Culture in the Southern PhilippinesAteneo de Davao UniversityPhilippines
Tan Vu NguyenPaperTan Vu NguyenVietnamese Heritage Reaching for the Stars: Linking Heritage Preservation and Promotion with Dark Sky and Astro-Tourism in VietnamVietAstro / Ho Chi Minh City Astronomical Association (HAA)Vietnam
Exodus Chun-Long Sitpaper/Invited TalkExodus Chun-Long SitASTROx Education: Dark Sky advocacy in Formal Education and Science Communication Chair of IAU-NAEC & Co-NOC Hong Kong, Starrix Hong KongChair of IAU-NAEC & Co-NOC Hong Kong, Starrix Hong Kong 
Sonal AsgotraaInvited TalkSonal AsgotraaAstrostays : Creating sustainable livelihoods through Community Led Astro-tourismAstrostaysIndia
Alejandro M. LópezPaperAlejandro M. LópezIndigenous peoples and sky stones: Tourism and astronomical heritage in contexts of inequalityICA-UBA y CONICETArgentina
 Melanie Johnston-HollittPaper Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, Torrance Hodgson, Paul HancockTracking the Orbital Radio Frequency Environment for Better RegulationCurtin UniversityAustralia
Nalayini Brito-DaviesPaperNalayini Brito-DaviesDark Sky as a Core Value of a NationRoyal New Zealand Astronomical SocietyNew Zealand
Cameron DavisPaperCameron Davis Curtin UniversityAustralia
John HearnshawInvited Talk The Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve in New Zealand and key factorsUniversity of CanterburyNew Zealand
Dejene ZewdiePaperDejene Zewdie Universidad Diego PortalesChile
Eduardo Erazo – Vanessa ArtPosterEduardo Erazo – Vanessa Art The power of stars, sky and ancestral philosophy of Alli kawsay (Buen Vivir) in the indigenous movements of Colombia – Ecuador the Rights of Mother Nature from and climate changeUniversity NariñoColombia
Cuauhtemoc Mendez RosasPaper/Invited TalkCuauhtemoc Mendez Rosas Mayan Archeoastronomy and different herophanies in Mexico, and Mesoamerica.TRIBU cultura astronómica / Tec de MonterreyMexico
Mónica Martínez BorrayoPaperMónica Martínez Borrayo/Durruty Jesús de Alba Martínez From Heritage to Dark Sky: An Astronomical Route at Guadalajara’s, México DowntownSecretaría de Cultura Jalisco/Instituto de Astronomía y Meteorología-Universidad de GuadalajaraMéxico
Hannah E HarrisPaper /Invited TalkHannah E HarrisOf Night Lights and Nukes: Dark Sky and Space Stewardship for the Nuclear AgeMiddlebury Institute of International StudiesUnited States
David MacMahonpaper/Invited TalkDavid MacMahonWithout dark skies would we ask if we are alone? United States
Connie Walker Invited talk Connie Walker  United States
Niruj Mohan RamanujamPaperNiruj Mohan Ramanujam (IIA) et al.Astro-tourism: a holistic approach and a balancing actIndian Institute of AstrophysicsIndia