Invited speakers

  1. John Hearnshaw, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  2. Connie Walker, NSF’s NOIRLab, co-director of IAU CPS, USA
  3. Sonal Asgotraa, Founder of Astrostays, India
  4. María Antonia Varela, Director, Instituto de Astrofísica de
    Canarias & Starlight Foundation, Spain
  5. Mirjana Povic, SSGI, Ethiopia
  6. Ruskin Hartley, CEO, Dark Sky International (DSI),USA
  7. Dorje Angchuk, Engineer-in-Charge and Indian Astronomical
    Observatory , India
  8. Kevin Govender, Director, IAU-OAD, South Africa
  9. Solomon Belay Tessema, IAU-Vice president, Ethiopia
  10. Audery Dikagel and Laeticia Jacobs, DSI &Tourism Dept,South